Guggenheim NYC 

The film about power structures, ruins in Kabul and museums in Germany, is being showed in the Guggenheim, in the most expensive part of Manhattan. Cheap irony. The world explodes in various directions as everyone loses the grip on reality.

Big Bang theory  

People can modify DNA of foetuses (see the Time magazine, IIRC?), but the same people go home and vote for absolute bullshit. I deeply believe the far gone specialisation of science contributed to the contrast between crazily quickly advancing natural sciences and clueless, divided social sciences. (Humanities are abandoned and misunderstood, because humanity became an all-encompassing brand for repenting billionaires.) There is almost no way someone can go deep into stem cell research and understand the mechanisms of social inequality at the same time – not because these mechanisms are that complicated, but because studying them requires an effort of critical will – which one simply doesn’t have after long days of intellectual – or physical – work. People are exhausted. 

Jet lag

We are all tired. The modern ways of production are designed to keep people distracted and distressed in their quest for monetised productivity. Always connected to the Internet, the society self-medicates its collective ADHD with addictions. What are values, lost in the obligations of everyday life? As we die, we might pray, but as we live, we want distractions. 

Au rebours 

And we get them, as our bodies adapt to manufactured needs. We need to travel further to discover ourselves. Diets become ideological and sex has to be freaky. Where are the statistics for this? In the plethora of underfunded projects, which someone should connect to throw some light on the destructions of capitalism, but no one will, because the fragmentarisation (???) has gone too far. Is it really surprising that the only remaining grand narrative is that of individualism? Of individual fights, individual dreams of family and wealth. And then people throw themselves towards nationalism in the last desperate hope for finding a community. 

Brave new discourse 

We need ambitious projects bringing the world back together, without using a sanitised TED Talk narrative. If there is a solution, it doesn’t rely on pointing out paradoxical contrasts in curated art spaces. It should strive for everyday alternatives and most of all, feeding the critical thinking of people, so they at least wonder: why is the museum entrance free only once per week?