My not so secret diary, aged 20 1/4

Two days since parents and brother flew back to Europe. Friends in Europe more or less panicky about the prospects of war. Putin on Buzzfeed. I bought trackpants and I’m planning to go to gym for the first time in my life – I never had to, but if I have a chance to develop some actual upper body strength for free, then why not.

Was so tired and brainless yesterday, barely survived through the day. Horrible smalltalk at the cafeteria with some people I have never met before and now they probably don’t want to ever meet me again. Wanted to watch another House of Cards episode, but I have to wake up tomorrow at 7; oh well. Whistling to Happy Mondays. Made my eyebrows a bit thinner. Looking sophisticated.

Roommate came in and I didn’t hear her because of Happy Mondays. A good band. “You used to speak the truth, but now you’re clever”.

I’d like to be in a relationship, kind of, but then I am too lazy to do anything about this. Hate meeting new people recently. Just too much small talk, all the time. Exhausting. Also, I’m missing lots of concerts; maybe now it’s finally the time to do something about it and create a Facebook post with all the concerts, so I will find someone to go with me. Already missing the Glasvegas concert which is happening right now. Sold out anyway. And I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow.

Considering smoking a cigarette on the emergency stairway. But maybe I can be productive without this. Just play the right music. Radiohead?

PS This post is not as Adrian Mole-ish as I would like it to be, but hey, it’s not an actual secret diary, and I’m not a teenager anymore