Delusions of grandeur

“this part of campus has been filmed

many times acting as Harvard, actually

it has been filmed more times as Harvard

than Harvard has been filmed as Harvard”


Realising (realizing) that I have less than 3 months left in the US, suddenly I don’t want to leave. It seems like in order to really know this country’s customs, just being there isn’t enough.

Of course, that’s partially my fault, as from the first day I spent here I have been looking for pieces of Europe everywhere around me and cultivating this alternative non-American culture in the middle of LA, going to see British bands, reading Celine, writing to my EU friends all the time, all this stuff.

The only form in which I became really engaged in local culture is attending local feminist meetings, which do prove that American tradition of the civil rights movement and their theory on this stuff is something I’ll be missing in Europe, which for all its respect for human rights can be still quite racist (mostly because there aren’t many POCs, but that’s not an excuse).

I’ll try to write shorter posts now, but more often. I do still try to be active, not merely surviving as a European but discovering local culture (not only Marvel movies and sundaes) – and finally have good grades as well. A trip to NYC, which may happen, should help.